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Journal title Jurnal Independent
Initial JI
SINTA On going
Frequency Two issue at year (March and September)
ISSN Print 2775-2011
ISSN Online 2775-1090
Ed. In Chief Ayu Dian Ningtias 
Man. Editor M. Farid Machmudin
Publisher Litbang Pemas Universitas Islam Lamongan
Cite Analyze Google Scholar
Indexed by Google Scholar, Crossref, Garuda


     Jurnal Independent is published by Litbang Pemas Universitas Islam Lamongan. Jurnal Independent aimed to be a peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information on legal and judiciary studies. The scope of Jurnal Independent  is analytical, objective, empirical, and contributive literature on the dynamics and development of legal studies, specifically in Indonesia.

Jurnal Independent welcomes scientific papers on a range of topics from research studies, judicial decisions, theoretical studies, literature reviews, philosophical and critical consultations that are analytical, objective, and systematic. However, from a wide range of topics that researchers can choose from, Jurnal Independent puts more attention to the papers focusing on the sociology of law, living law, legal philosophy, history of national law, customary law, literature studies, international law, interdisciplinary, and empirical studies.

Jurnal Independent   is a media dedicated to judicial personnel, academician, practitioners, and law expertise in actualizing the idea of research, development, and analysis of law and judiciary. Jurnal Independent comes out two times a year in March and September.


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